Job Vacancies At KFC In South africa

KFC, or to give it it full name, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast foo restaurant chain from the USA specializing in frie chicken, with its headquarters in Kentucky, USA, it’ the second biggest restaurant chain in the world and has around 20,000 locations across 12 countries. In the Middle East, the first branch of KF was opened in Kuwait in 1973. Now, across th region there are more than 700 certified halal outlet including in south africa As a prestigiou employer, there are many job vacancies at KFC south africa  and there are roles to suit workers at all level of experience, from those who are looking for thei first post after leaving education to highly skille people with years of experience and plenty o qualifications.

Those looking for entry level positions will b pleased to note that there are plenty of opportunitie with KFC in south Africa . Team member positions requir no experience of specific qualifications and offer th chance for someone just leaving education to get foothold on the career ladder. For those with som prior restaurant experience, a shift superviso position is a good choice, with more responsibility, higher salary and better opportunities fo progression. For those with more experience ca apply for a managerial position in one of th restaurants.

For many of the available posts at KFC in south africa experience is required. willingnes to work hard and learn the ropes is more important Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they ar reliable and dependable and that they ca demonstrate a high level of customer service skills Basic literacy and numeracy skills are also importan as are communication skills in order t communicate well with customers. For some posts computer literacy is important and a driving licenc may be necessary depending on the job applied for For senior posts such as managerial position experience working in a restaurant environment fo several years and evidence of having manage teams of staff previously would be a great advantage.

The best place to begin searching for job vacancie at KFC in South Africa  is to check out the KFC website searching in the UAE region section. On the career tab there are current listings for all vacant posts s that you can search for the right job to suit you Alternatively, current vacant posts are also listed o numerous general

One you have found a position that you ar interested in applying for, you can apply quickly an easily through the website. Click on Apply Now o the job that you want to apply for and then registe for your own personal account. You can either d this by entering your personal details onto th website or by connecting through your social medi account. You can then complete your applicatio and upload your CV ready for consideration by th recruitment team. If there are currently no position that suit your requirements, you can still send in speculative application by uploading your up to dat CV and you will be contacted as soon as a suitabl position becomes vacant.

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