5 Tips Before Going for an Interview

Prepare yourself before the next interview, here are the 5 tips to help you prepare before appearing in front of the panel.

#1: Hit The Books

Don’t go in blind – do your research into the company and the industry. You might get asked about it, and not having the answers will cost you the job!

#2: Prepare for Questions

Job interview questions sound scary, but they’re actually pretty simple! Do a little bit of preparation, so you’re ready for any questions they throw at you. Check out our video on how to answer interview questions below:

#3: Stay Positive

If you’re asked about previous companies you’ve worked at, avoid giving negative answers. This can make you seem like a negative person, and not the right person for the job. Always try to put a positive spin on things.

#4: Body Language

Your body language could matter more than your CV! Make sure you’re dressed well, smell good (but don’t drown the interviewer in your cologne/perfume) and speak clearly. A good firm handshake and eye contact are important too!

#5: Give Thanks

Sending a short thank you to the interviewer can help them remember you! Make a few notes after the interview about what was said and send your interviewer a lovely note that touches on 1 or 2 things they said.