Premiums Stats Internship Programme Johannesburg

Premiums Stats Internship Programme Johannesburg
The purpose of this role is to assist the business in providing professional administration services to the Groups that they are responsible for

nternship Johannesburg, ZA

Premium and Stats Intern

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The role

The purpose of this role is to assist the business in providing professional administration services to the Groups that they are responsible for.
Accounting Function – GRH

  • Prepare the Management accounts for GRH and perform the consolidation of the GRH group.
  • Coordinate the annual audit

GRH – Corporate Governance/Company Secretarial

  • Maintain share register, minute book and any other company registers.
  • Keep abreast of relevant legislation, including domestic and international.
  • Prepare the annual GRH Shareholding schedules.
  • Obtain Shareholder approval where required.
  • Ensure that the necessary shareholding reallocation documents are signed, cash transfers completed, and stamp duty paid.
  • Completion and submission of the Annual Return to CIPC.
  • Ensuring that the minutes of the GRH shareholders’ meetings, GRH Directors’ meetings and other GRH meetings are correctly recorded.
  • Ensuring that a copy of the GRH annual financial statements are sent to every person entitled to receive it.
  • GRH Tax responsibilities – see Public officer section for details.
  • Co-ordinate GRH Board meetings and prepare the necessary notices
  • Prepare documents, board packs, information, presentations
  • Co-ordinate GRH Shareholders’ meetings and prepare the necessary notices and proxies, where relevant.

Coordinate any change of Auditors / Co Sec of GRH and update CIPC.

  • Coordinate any change of Directors and Officers of GRH and update CIPC.
  • Coordinate the withdrawal of any Shareholder.
  • Coordinate any new additional Shareholders and ensure that all procedures and processes are followed according to the Companies Act, the MOI and any other binding agreements.

Share Transfers – GRH

  • Perform yearly calculation of reallocation of shares based on prior year’s premiums.
  • Prepare and coordinate necessary documentation in regard to Share Transfers and Payments.
  • Update Share registers and issue/cancel GRH share certificates.
  • Coordinate Security transfer tax submission/e-filing and payment.

Banking and Investments – GRH

  • Coordinate transfers and payments that relates to GRH.
  • Liaison with the Bank regarding any GRH matters.

GRMS – Corporate Governance

  • Responsible for the overall compliance in accordance with the FAIS regulations.

MRG Premiums

  • Overall responsible for the Premiums invoicing, collection and payments.

Underwriting Assistance

  • The candidate will be required to assist with the coordination of the MRG Insurance Programme including but not limited to the following:

o Responsible for the MRG Premium invoicing, schedules, collection and payments;
o Assisting with underwriting queries;
Assisting with the MRG Africa facilities.

The Requirements

  • Self-driven achiever with a value for teamwork, collaboration, decisiveness, integrity in all that is done
  • Analytical; able to draw conclusions from data in a logical and systematic way
  • Conceptual; ability to go beyond the details and see the big picture
  • Ability to acquire, share, and disseminate new information and knowledge
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Ability to develop business presentations and to participate in presentations
  • Good understanding of the Companies Act and the King code
  • IT Literate – knowledge of Microsoft packages
  • Accounting capabilities

How to Apply

Apply on company’s site